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Issue 1/2014 of Electronic scientific journal "Oil and Gas Business" is published.

Issue 6/2013 of Electronic scientific journal "Oil and Gas Business" is published.

Issue 5/2013 of Electronic scientific journal "Oil and Gas Business" is published.

Issue 3/2013 of Electronic scientific journal "Oil and Gas Business" is published.

A.P. Usachev, S.V. Gustov. Mathematical model for choice of variant of installation rough peelings natural gas. Electronic scientific journal "Oil and Gas Business", 2012, Issue 5, pp. 255-267. http://www.ogbus.ru/authors/Usachev/Usachev_3.pdf 

Mathematical model is brought for choice of variant of installation rough peelings natural gas, most packed taking into account all independent geometric parameters, not requiring for reception of final result of use row intermediate molded and acceptable for technician - an economic comparison all variant installation peelings applicable in system gas distribution. Model comprises of itself structured scheme, target function of integral expenseses, balance equation, system of restrictions controlling parameter and allows on base of system approach to bring all rival variants to united structure and take into account speaker of development of system rough peelings.

Keywords: natural gas, large hard particles, system rough peelings, control, safety and protective accessories, gas regulating post, target function, braided metallic net, filterring element, mathematical model, choice, variant

V.V. Babkov, I.V. Fedortsev, E.A. Sultanova. Optimization models of heat treatment process of masonry in the winter due to a stationary heating system constructed buildings in oil production industry. Electronic scientific journal "Oil and Gas Business", 2012, Issue 5, pp. 590-596. http://www.ogbus.ru/authors/Babkov/Babkov_1.pdf  

In this work we propose a new method of the heat treatment of the masonry in the winter and the algorithm for masonry work-flow management that reduces overall the building construction time. There are developed software under the proposed algorithm, calculating the heat treatment of masonry in winter conditions with stationary heating system. This software automates the thermal engineering calculations and the necessary organizational and technological parameters of the organization of building flow, which greatly optimizes the performance of the project.

Keywords: heat treatment method, masonry, optimization models, stationary heating system, technological modes, concrete strength development

Ya.I. Tulchinskaya. Evaluation of the effectiveness of application of transformer with low load factor. Electronic scientific journal "Oil and Gas Business", 2012, Issue 5, pp. 580-589. http://www.ogbus.ru/authors/Tulchinskaya/Tulchinskaya_4.pdf  

In modern electrotechnology transformer is the most effective converter of the parameters of electrical energy in power networks. Modern economics and the law require consumers, power grid and power supply companies improve processes and transmission of electricity consumption, and therefore raises the question of the optimal mode of use of the transformer in distribution networks. One way is to use a transformer with a low load factor instead of the outdated not energy-efficient transformer. The calculation, that is demonstrated in the, confirms the effectiveness of the measures under conditions of constant growth in electricity tariffs.

Keywords: transformer, capacity factor, the total cost of ownership, energy loss, energy efficiency

L.Z. Samigullina. Normative aspects of oil and gas terminology. Electronic scientific journal "Oil and Gas Business", 2012, Issue 5, pp. 447-456. http://www.ogbus.ru/authors/Samigullina/Samigullina_1.pdf 

The article deals with the normative aspects of oil and gas terminology in the focus of current economic globalization processes and rapid development of technological processes in the industry and gradual growth of the terminological units amount.

Keywords: oil and gas industry terminology, scientific and information exchange, level of recommendation of a term, standardization, normalization, harmonization of terminologies

Yu.S. Kuznetsov, R.Yu. Sukhorukov, V.N. Sonin2, V.N. Nikiforov, V.N. Ignatyev, D.R. Sultanov. Theoretical background of the plastic casing making for special wells. Electronic scientific journal "Oil and Gas Business", 2012, Issue 5, pp. 309-317. http://www.ogbus.ru/authors/KuznetsovYuS/KuznetsovYuS_2.pdf  

The rapid development of Russian fuel and energy complex led to the aggravation of environmental problems in the production and transport of hydrocarbons, their processing, in nuclear energy complex, and is associated with recycling tonnage reactive hazardous waste. Addressing possible during storage of the waste in specially created underground storage, isolated from contact with the outside world. During creating these repositories is necessary to build special wells with corrosion-resistant casing. The article describes the possibility of a casing made of plastic, the results of various experiments, analysis of which shows that, given the current state of the industry in the production of plastic pipes, we can already create underground reservoirs at a depth of 800-1000 m with plastic pipes as casings special wells.

Keywords: casing, plastic, special wells, underground storage, non-corrosive pipes

A.G. Vanchin. A proximate method for estimation of gas-turbine plant available power and a technical condition factoron power, leaning against law of the shift of gas-turbine plant characteristics at the change of its technical condition. Electronic scientific journal "Oil and Gas Business", 2012, Issue 5, pp. 287-292. URL: http://www.ogbus.ru/authors/Vanchin/Vanchin_5.pdf 

The objective and operative estimation of available power and of technical condition of a gas-turbine plant as a part of a gas-compressor plant has great value for maintenance of effective and reliable functioning of a gas-transport system. The author has defined laws of the characteristics shift of a gas-turbine plant at change of technical condition and has developed a proximate method of estimation of gas-turbine plant available power and of a technical condition factor on power. The use of individual test-bench characteristics of engines provides the most exact result of the estimation. The method is studied in details on the gas-compressor plant GCP-TS16 with engines NK-16ST.

Keywords: diagnostics, natural gas transport, characteristic of a gas-turbine plant, technical condition, gas-compressor plant, shift of characteristics, available power, proximate method of diagnostics

E.S. Ivanov. Modeling details of the performance modes of gas transmittal units at gas transmission compressor stations in modern operational conditions . Electronic scientific journal "Oil and Gas Business", 2012, Issue 5, pp. 99-123. http://www.ogbus.ru/authors/IvanovES/IvanovES_2.pdf 

A variant of improving calculations of performance modes of gas transmittal units at gas transmission compressor stations is considered with the use of new mathematical models. The developed approach is applicable for resolving production and dispatcher management problems in gas transmission, as well as in real-time control of performance modes of gas transmittal units.

Keywords: operation, optimization, gas turbine plant, centrifugal compressor, gas transmittal unit, technical condition, high-pressure rotor, low pressure rotor, turbine, power, revolutions, modeling approximation, function, technological parameter

M.G. Bashirov, U.F. Yumaguzin, V.L. Talaev. Assessment of the technical condition of the equipment in oil and gas industry through the technocenosis method application . Electronic scientific journal "Oil and Gas Business", 2012, Issue 5, pp. 293-302. http://www.ogbus.ru/authors/Bashirov/Bashirov_5.pdf  

The problem of industrial safety in the ongoing wear and tear of the enterprises of the oil and gas industry of Russia causes enhancement of the role and methods of diagnosis. Existing methods of evaluation of the technical condition of the equipment are focused on the study of the individual elements of the technical system. Systematic approach technocenosis submissions can not be considered separately each item, in the form of a complex set of technocenosis all equipment located at the plant. The studies revealed patterns of interconnection technical condition of electrical equipment with the frequency characteristics and parameters generated by the higher harmonic components of currents and voltages. Parametric description of the equipment offered options that take into account the technical condition, the risk of damage in case of failure and the cost of maintenance. The algorithm of determining the level of damage to electrical equipment, based on the use of the integrated diagnostic parameter.

Keywords: parametric description, technocenoses, assessment of technical condition

I.A. Krivosheev, K.E. Rozhkov, M.A. Sobolev, N.A. Starostin. Development of blades condition parametric diagnostics method for gas turbine engines and gas turbine power plants with imitating modeling technology . Electronic scientific journal "Oil and Gas Business", 2012, Issue 5, pp. 375-382. http://www.ogbus.ru/authors/Krivosheev/Krivosheev_1.pdf  

The results of development and verification of simulation system Venec, which allows calculating of the gas-dynamic parameters by axial compressor stage height and receiving their total performances, are represented. It is shown that the developed system allows analyzing changes in the characteristics due to erosive wear of the compressor blades of gas turbine engine in the gas-compressor unit. In this connection the development can be used for parametric diagnostics of gas turbine engines and plants used in compressor stations for gas transportation.

Keywords: imitating modeling, axial compressor, erosion, gas turbine engine, parametric diagnostics

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